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Monday, June 30, 2014

Struggling Math Students Benefit from Guided Practice

According to a new study, children who have struggled with math in the past and "children with learning disabilities tend to benefit from instruction that is explicit and teacher directed, guided and modeled and also has lots of opportunities for practice."

Pennsylvania State University researchers Paul L. Morgan and Steve Maczuga and George Farkas of the University of California, Irvine analyzed the use of different types of instruction by 1st grade mathematics teachers.

"I don't want kids to be bored. I want them to be engaged by what they are being taught," Morgan said, "but I think sometimes we touch on concepts too briefly; we only give kids two or three opportunities to practice it." Read more about this study on a blog post from Sarah Sparks . . .

How wonderful that Excel Math provides exactly what this research shows young students need most: lots of direct instruction (along with hands-on activities and blended learning), guided practice each day, a unique spiraling process that keeps concepts in front of students all year long, plus a CheckAnswer system beginning in second grade that lets students self assess and gives them a natural feedback loop. Read more about CheckAnswer.

No wonder we regularly hear success stories such as these:
"I am a principal in a school where 97% of the student population has free or reduced lunch. This year, I switched out the regular math curriculum with Excel Math. My CRCT scores increased by 13%. My STAR test increased even higher. It absolutely works!! Thanks again!"—principal on the West Coast

Excel Math Teacher Edition
"I absolutely love your products. I service a self-contained special education classroom (1st through 3rd grade) and have students who are performing on various grade levels. Excel Math helps me to manage my time because there are so many skills offered and repeated practice on one worksheet. It's great, letting me quickly identify the students' areas of weakness. (And yes, each time I have placed an order, the person was quite friendly.) Thank you for your product, service, and expertise."
— Gloria J. Britt, Special Education Teacher, Browning Elementary School, Houston, Texas
Here's what one of the authors of this research study had to say in summary.

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Excel Math Projectable Lessons

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