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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Thank You, Teachers!

October 5 is World Teachers' Day. Each year since 1996 teachers around the world have been celebrated on this day for the role they play in providing quality education to students at all levels.

The Philippines holds the longest celebration for teachers in the world — from September 5 to October 5.

However, 7 out of 10 countries don't have enough primary teachers for their children.

In countries like Chad, a lower secondary education is all it takes to become a primary teacher. Even so, only 35% of teachers in the classroom meet this minimum standard.

Today we could use about 2.7 million teachers to provide every child in the world with a primary education. By 2030 that number is expected to increase to 25.8 million!

In Kentucky, Boyle County schools will start their celebration of teachers on October 3. They will be celebrating the success of their teachers with a potluck, a special recognition ceremony and a surprise video. They plan to recognize teachers and their accomplishments with letters and video commentary from administration and students about the impact their teachers have  had on the students.

This week is a good time to recognize those teachers in our own lives—past and present.

Here at Excel Math, every day gives us a chance to recognize teachers. Click on the card below to download a copy for yourself or to send to a colleague.

We want to thank teachers for the time and effort you spend nurturing, educating and challenging students. We appreciate you. You are amazing!

Click to download this card