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Thursday, October 21, 2010


I'm back to my old iMac machine. It has even more stuff on it than the new iMac computer I reported about yesterday.  Here is a comparison of the two:

Old Computer

Capacity : 232.6 GB (249,715,376,128 Bytes)
Available : 94.7 GB (101,656,604,672 Bytes)
Used : 137.9 GB (148,058,771,456 Bytes)
Number of Files : 991,850
Number of Folders : 248,160

New computer

Capacity :           232.6 GB (249,715,376,128 Bytes)
Free Space :  197.0 GB (211,498,024,960 Bytes)
Used :                   35.6 GB (38,217,351,168 Bytes)
Number of Files :  711,468
Number of Folders :  184,232

It looks like these are about 100 GB more on the old computer than on the new one. That seems reasonable as I have the same software on each machine, but fewer songs, images and documents on the newer one.

I've already cleaned all the obvious stuff - the caches, buffers, trash cans, etc. Let's see if I can save any more space... here are a few thousand files in my PROJECTABLE product - those can all go to my back-up drive that sits offline most of the time, as can my backup of this blog, some marketing files, etc. etc.

With that stuff all moved off and lots of duplicate photos deleted, I found 166,000 items in my TRASH folder. Gulp! Empty it and now here's what I see on the report:

Capacity : 232.6 GB (249,715,376,128 Bytes)
Available : 121.5 GB (130,462,179,328 Bytes)
Used : 111.1 GB (119,253,196,800 Bytes)
Number of Files : 868,750
Number of Folders : 203,911

OK, now it appears I saved lots more space. Do  I really have 166,000 fewer things here? Let's do the math

    Files + folders in the original report  (991,850 + 248,160 = 1,240,010 items
    Files + folders in the second report  (868,750 + 203,911 = 1,072,661 items
    Files dirty computer 1,240,010 - files clean computer 1,072,661 = 167,349 fewer items on computer

Here's a screen shot showing you how hard I am working to do this blog for you

Actually that is not the right photo, that is only the screen as I am working on Blogger. Let's back up:

Now you can see how hard I am working!

Good thing you cannot see my face, as I am horrified to find out there are 18,194 discarded photo images in my iPhoto trash can! Every time I check this, iPhoto crashes.

I'll report back again tomorrow...

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