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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Solstice: Let the Sun Shine!

Tomorrow marks the day with the most hours of sunlight during the year, also known as the summer solstice. The word solstice is from the Latin word solstitium. Sol means sun and stitium is to stop. The solstice is the day on which the sun appears to stop, giving us some extra hours of daylight.

In many parts of the country, families will take advantage of the extra daytime hours with fishing, swimming, biking, camping, hiking, and many other outdoor activities to begin the official start of summer vacation.

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This year the summer solstice will occur on June 21 in the in the northern hemisphere. During this time, the winter solstice begins in the southern hemisphere.) Around December 21 the solstices are reversed and winter begins in the northern hemisphere.

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