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Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Math
We've created some new Base Ten Cards in celebration of St. Patrick's Day.

Use these Ten Frames to help your students decompose numbers, identify fact families, and practice addition and subtraction.

Your students can cut out the shamrock patterns and use them as counters with the Base Ten Cards. Combine several Base Ten Cards to let your students solve problems with larger numbers.

Give each student 30 shamrock counters and two blank Ten Frames (or let the students work in pairs). Write on the board:
23 + 5 =
Let the students know it will always be easiest to find the larger number first.
Using Ten Frames a student might solve the problem by saying:
“I counted out 23 shamrocks. I put 20 shamrocks on 2 ten frames. That meant I had 3 left over. Then I counted out 5 more shamrocks (now I have 8 left over). That meant I now had 2 ten frames with 8 left over. 2 tens and 8 left over. That’s 28. So the answer is 28.”
Excel Math provides lots of opportunities for hands-on learning.

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