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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Math Ideas

Help your students celebrate St. Patrick's Day with these creative math teaching ideas.

Begin with this fun shamrock math facts bulletin board. Use it for either addition, subtraction, multiplication or division of whole numbers, decimals or fractions.

With Excel Math, students learn math concepts that spiral back into the lessons and Guided Practice on a regular basis, using spaced repetition. Students also get lots of practice with basic math facts so they begin to feel comfortable with math and gain confidence as they succeed.

Download the shamrock patterns and instructions on our website:
Then let your students solve the math facts shown on the shamrocks.

For Timed Basic Fact Practice on the computer, try our ArithmAttack game. Your students can practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division or a combination of all four.

Then insert toothpicks into large marshmallows to form a handle. Dip each marshmallow in chocolate and let harden (or let your students spread the marshmallows with hazelnut or chocolate spread).

Pipe a ribbon of green around the base of the marshmallow (wait until the chocolate dries, if you use chocolate coating).
Drop the toothpick through the center of a chocolate-covered cookie with a hole in the middle so the marshmallow sits on the top of the chocolate coating. Remove the toothpick by pulling it out of the marshmallow and through the hole in the cookie.

To make shamrocks, place three green mint chips in a triangle shape on a piece of wax paper, so the mints touch. 

Microwave for 1 minute, spread the mints together using a toothpick, then microwave another 30 seconds. Continue heating for 30 seconds more, if needed, spreading the mints together to form a stem. Let cool. 

Remove the clovers from wax paper when hard and place above the green rim on the marshmallow to form a decoration on the hat. Let your students eat the hats after successfully completing their Guided Practice or Basic Math Facts sheet. You could also provide chocolate or paper gold coins if you prefer not to make the snack. Feel free to give each student a Shamrock from the patterns below to decorate the hat if you don't have time to melt mints.
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