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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Financial Awareness for Students

Since April is Financial Awareness month, we thought we'd give you some teaching ideas for bringing financial awareness to your math classroom.

Excel Math lessons provide lots of opportunities for students to learn about coins, dollars, decimals, making change, solving word problems dealing with money, calculating unit cost, etc.

Excel Math Teacher Editions are also available in versions for:
Excel Math Coin Comparison Chart
Our Grades 1 - 6 Excel Math Texas Teacher Editions include a reproducible Budget Worksheet to help students develop a system for keeping and using financial records and to learn to balance a budget when expenses exceed income.

Older students learn to calculate interest, sales tax, and percents. Feel free to give each of your students a few coins and the Coin Dimensions Chart on the right so they can compare the various attributes of the coins. (Click to Read more for the downloadable chart.)

Ask a few of the following questions:

Which coin is widest? (half dollar)
Which is smallest? (dime)
Which is thickest? (nickel)
Which coin probably weighs more? (half dollar)
Which is worth more? (dollar coin)
Which is made of copper? (penny)

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Questions about how Excel Math lessons work? Leave a comment below.

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