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Friday, May 15, 2015

San Diego Bike to Work Day Postponed

Bike to Work Day 2015 has been postponed in San Diego due to rain! It will be rescheduled for May 29. (Yes, we're a bit wimpy.) In other parts of the country where rain falls more frequently, people are used to biking in the rain.

Here in San Diego, we have safety concerns and many areas with no bike lanes.

We also have drivers of cars and trucks who don't know how to drive safely in rain. Because it rains so seldom here, the roads get especially slick during the first day or two of rainfall. The small amounts of rain we get are just not enough to wash away the buildup on our roads.

When drivers either go over the speed limit as if the roads were dry or slow way down to a crawl in the rain and then don't leave enough room before the car in front of them to make a sudden stop, traffic accidents are guaranteed.
By 6:00 a.m. this morning, there were already accidents, cars turned over, and cars sliding off the road on most of the major freeways in San Diego county.

Since May is National Bike month, the local organizers decided to postpone Bible to Work Day for a couple of weeks and reschedule those vendors signed up to provide pit stops for the bikers that day. They still plan to have over 100 pit stops throughout the county with everything from free drinks and t-shirts to snacks and protein bars.

In San Diego you can visit this website for more information and to get pit stop updates:

You can also read more about Bike to Work Day  and download some safety resources for parents on our previous post: Bike to Work: Get Moving with Math!

Here's a picture we captured of a double rainbow outside the Excel Math office.

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