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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Common Core Math Success Stories—Teaching in Ways Students Learn

With all the commotion about Common Core Test Scores and 70% of students not making the grade in math, we thought some good news was in order.

Excel Math has a proven approach to teaching students math in the ways they learn best.

Students using Excel Math actually score well on Common Core tests across the nation.

For 40 years, Excel Math has produced excellent results, including improved test scores and high student engagement with math—all while giving students a solid foundation of math skills.

Let's take a look at a few success stories and test results shared with us by educators and parents using Excel Math.
"My children had been using Excel Math Standard Ed. at home for the last two years to supplement the math curriculum they have at school (which isn't very effective). This year they took the Common Core Math pretest for the first time. 
We had been warned that our children would probably not score very well on these tests. However, my fourth grader scored 83% and my third grader (who is not a math genius) scored 98%! When people asked me if he was a math whiz, I had to tell them, "Not at all. It was the Excel Math Lesson Sheets!" — Wendy Ulrich, Mom in San Diego, CA 
Granted, this was the Common Core Pre-Test, but most students across the country did not do very well on that test, so these results were outstanding.

The natural feedback loop in Excel Math gives students a chance to learn from their mistakes:
"My daughter struggled with grasping math concepts until she started with Excel Math in her new school. It just "clicked" with her and she now maintains a 99% average overall in math! Before using Excel Math, she wouldn't have cared whether she had her homework done or not. Now she completes her math homework first because the instant feedback of the 'CheckAnswers' allows her to locate and fix any mistakes on her own. She no longer has to wait for the teacher to grade her work to find out if she 'gets it'. Excel Math offers her a level of control that is often missing in other math curricula." - Mom in Bellevue, PA 

A Common Core math educator and CCSS Coach teaching in the Los Angeles Unified School District saw similar results with his students and his own children:
"I believe in your Excel Math system, and promote it within LAUSD.  I presented it as the centerpiece for a large conference for gifted parents last year.  My daughters continue to use it as well.  They recently scored 96% nationally in Mathematics for 1st and 3rd grades." — Teacher and Common Core Coach in Los Angeles, California
Around the country, schools are discovering that students can succeed in math (and test scores rise) when they use Excel Math.

One excited educator wrote to tell us:
Since we started using Excel Math at Whispering Palms School, our students have increased their math scores dramatically.  On the testing in May we scored on average over two grades above grade level!
Excel Math teaches students in the way they learn best. 

And the unique spiraling process in Excel Math gives students a way to get concepts into long-term memory so they are well
prepared for real-world math and higher-level thinking skills.

Want more evidence that Excel Math works? Download a Scientifically Based Research Report showing how Excel Math increases student test scores across all grade levels.

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We also have Texas (TEKS aligned) and Standard Teacher Editions available.

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