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Monday, February 22, 2016

Teacher of the Year: What's her secret?

Susan Vilar credits Excel Math with helping her achieve Teacher of the Year at Hoover Elementary School in Oklahoma. 
We are proud to partner with Susan and dedicated teachers just like her around the country. 
Excel Math opened the door to Susan's students, giving them the tools to be successful with math and providing them with some of the best elementary math lessons available today.

"I was nominated and won Teacher of the Year for my school campus, Hoover Elementary."  Susan told us. "I completely believe this happened because of the EXCELlent Math program you provide!!! Thank you so very much!! I've used Excel Math for many years … and loved it! I started using Excel Math in Texas with excellent test results. Each year produced 95% to 100% of the students passing their Texas State Tests. I’m currently in Oklahoma, and I’m VERY excited to use this program again with my 4th graders. I can’t wait to compare the scores from last school year to this."
Thanks, Susan! We appreciate the great comments and the way you are building success in math among your students.
Beginning a new math program in the middle of the year can be a challenge! 
If you're getting started with Excel Math mid year, here are some strategies to help you get off to a flying start. Take these steps to build student success mid year:
1. Use the Excel Math Placement Tests
Excel Math provides FREE Placement Tests to help you determine where your students should begin in math. Each Excel Math Placement Test file contains six tests that evaluate a student's preparedness for Excel Math.

The tests are labeled A - F, which correspond to first through sixth grade. Instructions for using the tests are included. Save the test to your computer and print it for each student. 

Download the test (in English or Spanish) from our web store:

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