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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Welcome, March! Thanks for 43 years of math . . .

Welcome to March 2018! After 43 wonderful years, Excel Math closed its doors this week.

We want to thank all of those teachers, parents, and students who have partnered with us over the years.

Thanks for joining with us to build successful math students!

Over the past 43 years, hundreds of thousands of educators and students in Kindergarten through Grade 6 have seen outstanding results with Excel Math!

Our author, Janice Raymond, Ph.D. (pictured below in the white short-sleeved top), began Excel Math with a simple idea: create something excellent and continually improve it. The Excel Math retiring owner, Brad Baker, is pictured on the far right.

Over the years, we discovered that we had created something powerful. Without bragging, Excel Math was (and still is) really good!

In closing, we want to share with you some of the comments and stories we've received from our wonderful teachers, parents and students around the country.

You can read more on our previous blog posts. Enjoy!

"I love Excel Math! Some of my slower students were so excited about the CheckAnswer component.
I was surprised and pleased by their response. I could see their confidence improving right away!"
— Jennifer Price, 4th Grade Teacher, West Virginia
"In 1993, I was in the 4th-5th grade at an elementary school in Sweetwater, Texas.The math teacher I had used the Excel Math curriculum with us. It was the ONLY math class during my entire K-12 career where I was forced into a critical thinking mindset and was able to sharpen my problem solving skills. It was also the only class in my K-12 career in which I used the Excel Math worksheets.
The experience I had with Excel Math is forever etched in my memory as a turning point in my academic career, which shaped my mathematical problem solving skills. I eventually went on to earn an electrical engineering degree at Texas Tech University and now I work at General Atomics, right down the street from Excel Math! Thank you for all you continue to do for young math students."  — Jonathan Foster, Ph.D., San Diego, California
The Excel Math store is now closed, and we no longer have phone service. Feel free to email us at if you have questions. Please mail your final payment to us:

Excel Math / AnsMar Publishers, Inc.
P.O. Box 85
Poway, CA 92074
You can read the full press release about Brad's retirement here: and on our previous blog posts.
Our Facebook and Pinterest pages will be going away in the next few weeks.

Until then, feel free to leave your comments and stories about how Excel Math has worked for you and your students over the years.

Here's photo of the sun rising over the Excel Math office building in Poway (San Diego county). Thanks for 43 wonderful years!

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  1. We ordered and paid for the student editions of 4th and 5th excel math and were told they were on back order but they have never arrived. Help!


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