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The Excel Math Blog has retired, but the content remains available for reference. Over the years, this blog considered issues related to mathematics, education, teachers, students, Excel Math, and other topics of interest to our readers. Input from teachers, administrators, homeschoolers, parents, and students was anticipated and welcomed. This blog often featured ideas and tips from those who worked with students on a daily basis.
AnsMar Publishers, former home of Excel Math

The owner of Excel Math has retired effective March 1, 2018, and retired the Excel Math product line at that time. For 43 years Excel Math provided elementary math lessons for kindergarten through sixth grade. The company was located in San Diego County in California.

Excel Math Placement Tests were written to help teachers and parents determine where a student should start in the Excel Math program.

Excel Math is fully correlated to Common Core (CCS) and state standards. Correlations were created for the Kindergarten through Grade 6.

Be sure to leave a comment below if you have used Excel Math with your students and have seen students become successful in math as a result. We always enjoy hearing from our friends around the country.

Thanks to those teachers, students and parents who made Excel Math a powerful and successful program for 43 years!

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