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Friday, August 19, 2011

More for Less: Twice as Bright for Half the Power

Math is everywhere, not just in the school classroom. If you don't know the terms and meanings of math words, you miss out on much of what's happening today.

I recently read about a new type of hand-held computer display, called PenTile RGBW. That means Red Green Blue White

The text of the article was filled with math words (which I have italicized). Here are a few paragraphs:

PenTile RGBW technology gets more with less: Fewer subpixels enable columns to be one-third wider, increasing aperture ratio and transmissivity. Clear white subpixels double white light transmission in small-format, hand-held displays. Improved transmission means PenTile can boost brightness or reduce power, or enable a combination of both. The layout increases contrast for blacker blacks.

Doubles screen brightness for equivalent power: Today's mobile devices display highly-detailed, visually-intensive content –  video, games, maps – all of which need higher brightness. Current phone displays have 200 cd/m2 of brightness and are often turned off during calls. Multimedia requires a minimum of 400 cd/m2  and the display is constantly illuminated. "Twice as bright" and “always on” shortens device battery life. PenTile enables displays to reach brightness levels necessary for today’s multimedia, without increasing the limited power budget.

PenTile achieves high resolution with one-third fewer subpixels: Each subpixel is larger. We have higher aperture ratio – which lets more light through open areas, for resolutions of one-third MORE, using the same amount of power. Go beyond HD with thinner and lighter tablet designs. PenTile enhances the quality of white while saving considerable power for a longer time between recharging.

As you can see, although there are few "raw numbers", the paragraphs are still full of comparative words and time and date words. Kids need to know what these words mean - thus we teach math literacy in Excel Math elementary school curriculum, as well as calculations and number manipulation.

You might be wondering how PenTile gets blacker blacks and twice as bright for half the power with one-third fewer pixels. Or you might have dozed off, bored with this subject.

If you are still interested, read more at DIY Calculator and learn how the display fools us into seeing more detail.  If you are snoring in class, please do it quietly ...

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