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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Multiplication Tables Made Fun

One of the basic concepts students learn in Excel Math is how to multiply numbers. This slide is from our Projectable Lessons CD for Third Grade:
Excel Math Projectable Lesson Grade 3

If your students have iPads or computers, reinforce your lesson with Timed Basic Fact Practice online. You choose the highest number (up to 12), the equation (addition, subtraction, multiplication or division), and the lowest number (down to 0). The students have one minute to solve as many problems as they can, typing in their answers as the clock ticks down. When finished, they will see how many problems they got right, how many they missed, and the total number of problems they attempted.

Basic Fact Practice is also built into the Excel Math program. Brain research shows that using pencil and paper to write facts helps students remember them. Read about how to use Basic Fact Practice for your math warm-ups and download a free worksheet on our previous post: Five-Minute Math Class Warm-Up Activities.

This multiplication table goes from 1 to 20 in each direction.You can download this table to help any of your students who are having trouble learning their multiplication facts:

Read more and get math printables:

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