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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bulletin Board Ideas: Snowflake Math Facts

Snowflake Math Bulletin Board
Let your students help decorate your classroom for winter while learning their math facts with this snowy bulletin board idea from Excel Math.

Even if you don't have an actual bulletin board, your math classroom can come alive with creative wall decorations that encourage your students to do basic math facts. Cover your bulletin board or wall with black, silver or blue sparkly paper (or fabric), if you wish. Label the board: "Snowflake Math" or "It's Snowing Math Facts!"

Snowflake Pattern
Give each student a square of paper. Also provide scissors, tape, and ribbon or yarn. (For more durable snowflakes, provide white dessert-size paper plates of the flimsy variety instead of sheets of paper.)

Have your students fold the papers or paper plates into triangle shapes, trim the wide, non-folded end of each triangle so it curves (similar to an ice-cream cone), and then make several small cuts or openings into the triangle, without cutting it in half. (Provide clear tape for mistakes.)
Hanging Snowflake

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