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Friday, February 13, 2015

It's Friday the 13th!

Numbers have always held a mystical fascination to peoples of all languages and cultures. Superstitions surrounding certain numbers have continued from ancient times to the present. Some hotels have no floor 13, catering to guests who avoid the number 13 and the 13th floor altogether.

Here at Excel Math we have some favorite numbers and enjoy playing around with mathematics and number games.

Excel Math levels the playing field for students of all abilities
Excel Math levels the playing field so students of all ages and abilities can learn math concepts and achieve measurable results. The unique spiraling process is an important component of Excel Math that leads to mastery and long-term competency for each student. Students regularly review concepts throughout the year while developing a solid foundation of skills.

Plus, the Excel Math CheckAnswer system lets students self assess as they go. No more continuing down the wrong path while practicing math concepts. Consistent use of the CheckAnswer process helps students develop good work strategies and starts them on a lifetime of learning. Read more about Excel Math on our website and take a look at our Teacher Editions, now in three different versions:
Texas Edition
Common Core Edition
Standard Excel Math Edition
The obvious question is, 'will investing in Excel Math help my students?'
Here's what one mom recently told us:
"My children have been using Excel Math Standard Edition at home for the last two years to supplement the math curriculum they have at school (which isn't very effective). This year they took the Common Core Math pretest for the first time. We had been warned that our children would probably not score very well on these tests. However, my fourth grader scored 83% and my third grader (who is not a math genius) scored 98%! When people asked me if he was a math whiz, I had to tell them, "Not at all. It was the Excel Math Lesson Sheets!" - Grateful mother of two

Excel Math is affordable — only $1.00/month per student
Excel Math  is just $12.00 per student for an entire year of lessons and tests—only $1.00 per month for each student.

Try Excel Math as your core program or as a supplement with your adopted curriculum and watch your students succeed.

Schools in Texas used us for the first time last year and their 4th grade realized a 42% increase in the passing rate for the STAAR Test.

Download our Scientifically Based Research. Read more on our website:

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Questions about how Excel Math lessons work? Leave a comment below.

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