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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Happy 40th Anniversary, Excel Math!

Excel Math began 40 years ago, the brainchild of our author and friend, Janice Raymond, Ph.D.

Over that time, these lessons have guided millions of students to excel in math!

Thanks for partnering with us in this amazing journey.

In 1976, Dr. Janice Raymond began volunteering at her local elementary school. She was disappointed to learn that many children disliked their math classes.

She began to develop CheckAnswer Math, using the prototypes in fifth grade classrooms in Coronado, California.
Dr. Janice Raymond with her mom

Over the years, Janice worked in Coronado schools and refined Excel Math (previously called Coronado Math) through research at San Diego State University, classroom testing, and teacher conferences around the country.

In 1984, Coronado Math became AnsMar Publishers, Incorporated, to honor Janice’s parents, Anson and Marion.

Here's a photo of Janice with her mom taken a few years ago.

In 2002, Excel Math moved to Poway, California.

A photo of the current office building is shown below.

For over 40 years, Excel Math has been reaching students nationwide, helping them build confidence and success in math.
Excel Math today in Poway, California
Excel Math is updated on a continual basis, unlike textbooks, which are printed once every few years.

As a result, you get the most up-to-date lessons every time you order materials.

Teachers rave about the results they see with Excel Math, and many students begin to love math for the first time!

The unique CheckAnswer process used in Excel Math Grades 2 - 6 gives students a natural feedback loop so they can correct mistakes as they occur.

See how it works below. Excel Math builds student success whether used in a core or supplement position.

For over 40 years, Excel Math has significantly improved students’ understanding and retention of math concepts.

Time and time again, Excel Math demonstrates immediate student growth, as measured by state and national assessments. When students gain confidence — test scores rise!

Read a brief history of Excel Math here.

Download our Scientific Research Report to see how schools around the country are building student success with Excel Math.

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