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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

World Maths Day

A teacher writing Happy World Maths Day World Maths Day is an annual event that was created for students around the world to take a break from their everyday math lessons and compete against one another.

Worldwide thousands of students, starting at age 5, play math-themed games and puzzles online hoping to win certificates and prizes. 

The first event was held in 2007, when 98 countries worldwide participated.

It has since grown to be so popular that in 2010 World Maths Day reached the world record for largest ever online math contest.  

Excel Math lessons use real-world story problems, helping students to make a real life connection while merging math with literacy.

Whether solving a word problem or creating your own scenario (such as calculating how many snacks a child is able to buy with a weekly allowance), the students learn that math is an everyday tool. 

Leave a comment in the box below to let us know how your class will be celebrating World Maths Day!

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Colorful math eequations
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