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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Oklahoma Academic Standards for Mathematics—we've got you covered!

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For the past year or more, Oklahoma and other states have been updating their academic standards for K-6 mathematics.

And Excel Math lessons are ready to meet those updates.

Excel Math provides correlations to Common Core Standards and State Standards designed to support teachers, team leaders, department chairs, curriculum directors, and administrators as they select, recommend, pilot, adopt, or review math materials.

Excel Math lessons are aligned to the new Oklahoma Academic Standards for Mathematics.

Oklahoma also provides a handy AtAGlance Guide designed to succinctly identify new and changed concepts at each grade level.

Standards and objectives that are not listed are done so intentionally as they were deemed to be more similar than not to existing grade level PASS objectives.

Excel Math correlations to Oklahoma standards include the critical gaps students need to cover this year. Download Grade 3 correlations here.

Excel Math lessons cover those critical gaps and also review concepts introduced in the previous grade level.

Students have a chance to get up to speed with previous concepts before tackling new ones. Download Common Core samples of Excel Math materials. 

You can download the complete Oklahoma Academic Standards for Mathematics at

Visit us online to download Excel Math correlations to these new Oklahoma standards for Grades 3 and 4.

Additional grade level correlations will be added as they are completed.

Here's what one Oklahoma teacher told us:

"I've used Excel Math for many years … and loved it! I was nominated and won Teacher of the Year for my school campus, Hoover Elementary. I completely believe this happened because of the EXCELlent Math program you provide!!! Thank you so very much!!
— Susan Vilar, Grade 4 Teacher, Oklahoma
Excel Math is proven in a supplement or core position. A summer school/intersession edition is also available for grades K - 7.

Visit us online to download Common Core samples of Excel Math materials. 

Click on the colored grade level bars to begin your download and see the Scope & Sequence for the full year:
Texas Sample Lessons
We also have TEKS-aligned materials for our Texas customers. Take a look at the amazing results students in Texas are seeing when they use Excel Math.

Test scores rise, even after the first year using Excel Math, and they continue to go up!

View Texas lessons on our website:
If you decide to get started with Excel Math now, download our Strategies for Mid-Year Success document. 

These helpful tips and best practices will get your students building math success from Day 1!

Questions? Call us at 866-866-7026

Leave a comment in the box below to let us know how your state standards have impacted your math teaching. 

If you're currently using Excel Math with your students, tell us how it works for you. We love hearing from educators around the country and welcome any feedback you may have.

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