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Monday, October 8, 2012

Excel Math: Fully Correlated to Common Core Standards (CCS)

If you're looking for math lessons that teach to the new Common Core Standards, Excel Math is for you. Excel Math is also an excellent tool for transitioning to the Common Core and getting students up to speed and prepared for the upcoming math assessments..

Excel Math provides students and teachers with powerful support, in-depth practice, and frequent assessment for Common Core. Plus, Excel Math is fully correlated to the Common Core math standards. We were pleased, but not really surprised, to find out how well our Excel Math lessons correlate to the new Common Core Standards.  You can download our correlations by grade level and print them out for your own reference as well as for your colleagues.

See samples of our Common Core Teacher Editions for Kindergarten through Grade 6 as well as a Scope & Sequence for each grade level.

If your state has not moved to the Common Core, visit our correlations page here. Find your state and click on the state correlations by grade level. Our Standard Teacher Editions are available for non Common Core states.

Recently, we added some Common Core Lesson pages and Projectable Lesson slides to expand on those concepts already included in the Excel Math materials. Click here for our Tools for Teachers and these revised lesson pages (available for download as PDF files). If you have a Teacher Edition, simply insert these revised pages into your book. If you order a new Common Core Teacher Edition, it will now include these revised pages plus additional Activities, manipulatives, discussion suggestions, and Common Core vocabulary.

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New to Excel Math? Find out more and take a quick tour of the program here.

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