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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Down for the Count: Math Games

In Excel Math, students learn to count, skip-count, use expanded notation and add (plus lots more). We've pulled together some resources for counting and some online math games to reinforce counting skills. Do you have some favorite counting games or math resources? Leave us a comment in the box below.

Excel Math Projectable Lessons include lots of counting activities and math lessons that can be projected onto a whiteboard, electronic board, wall or screen. Each grade level Projectable Lessons comes on its own CD. The best part is that you only need one CD per grade level for each school site!

The Projectable first shows the lesson with problems. The next slide shows the work and solutions in red. Additional text and graphics and color may be used to clarify complex concepts.

With Projectable Lessons, the entire class can focus on the day's math concept together:
Excel Math Projectable Slide

The new Excel Math Projectable Lessons CD for Kindergarten is now available. Here's a sample slide to help students compare and sort objects by length:
Excel Math Kindergarten Projectable Slide

You can download a Kindergarten Projectable Lesson on counting and addition from our website:

The first slide shows the problems, which the students can work out together. The next slide shows the answers. Read more and try out some math games . . .

New to Excel Math? Preview elementary math lessons that really work for Kindergarten through Sixth Grade on our website:

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