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Monday, September 9, 2013

Celebrating Odd Day in the Classroom

Odd Day is a day that singles out those wonderful, wacky odd numbers. It occurs when three consecutive odd numbers make up a date. This is something that happens only six times a century. The last two Odd Days were 5/7/09 and 7/9/11.

This year day Odd Day falls on 9/11/13, and the next one will occur two years from now on 11/13/15.

Odd Swamp Couple
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Enjoy Odd Day by encouraging your students to be odd: wear odd clothing such as mismatched socks, create a wacky hairstyle, count off by 2s or 3s in odd numbers, run an odd number of laps, count out coins to total an odd dollar or cents amount, make an odd number of cookies for your class, do an odd number of jumping jacks, learn the odd math fact families, read about Junie B. Jones, Encyclopedia Brown, Percy Jackson or Amelia Bedelia (or A Wrinkle in Time, a Magic Treehouse book), etc.

Here's a photo of an odd couple you can use as a discussion starter. Click on the poster for a larger view.

Then have your class figure out when the next few Odd Days will occur (1/3/2105, 3/5/2107, 5/7/2109 and 7/9/2111).  Read more about odd day at

You may want to have your students find some pictures of odd events, places, outfits, foods, or facial expressions to share with the class. Here's an odd-shaped stone building:

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How will you celebrate odd day with your students? Leave a comment by clicking on the word "comments" below.

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