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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Common Core—A New View on Learning Math

Across the country, Common Core State frameworks, teacher toolkits and unit lesson suggestions are being rolled out and updated to help educators get on board with the new standards.

A draft of the California math curriculum framework went online recently for public comments and suggestions.

Even as teachers are beginning to receive some guidance for teaching to the Common Core, the training and preparation they are receiving has been sporadic at best.

In a recent EdSource post, Lillian Mongeau got right to this point, saying teachers are "unevenly prepared" to teach in this "dramatically different fashion." With the new standards, "Rather than providing a formula to calculate the area of a shape, students might be given a set of problems or activities that help them discover how to arrive at the formula on their own." A teacher friend told it's tough designing problems that allow students to figure out the tricks—something she's never really had to do before."

Here's where the new Excel Math Common Core Teacher Editions can help. Instead of leaving it up to the teacher to figure out, these new editions contain lessons, discussion ideas, hands-on activities, teaching tips, and manipulatives (such as fractions on a number line and coordinate grids) that address the new Common Core Standards. 

Not only does each CCS Teacher Edition include new teaching tools, it also walks teachers through the new discovery methods of teaching math, no longer just having students memorize algorithms.

Mathematical Practices, another new component of the CCS Standards, are woven Excel Math lessons at each grade level.

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