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Monday, June 15, 2015

Easy Options for Summer Math Improvement

Use Excel Math Summer lessons for students who . . .
  • Need to make up work and/or review math concepts from the previous year
  • May need extra practice to be ready for a fall math class—a few hours per week with Excel Math over the summer might be the answer
  • Want to bridge the math achievement gap over the summer and prepare for entering the next grade level in the fall
Common Core Summer Teacher Edition
Choose your Excel Math Teacher Edition with answer keys:
Common Core Edition 
Texas (TEKS aligned—STAAR ready)
Standard (Non Common Core)
Then order the Summer Individual Student Set for that grade level.

Excel Math Summer School is affordable — just $8.00 per student plus $15.00 for the Teacher Edition with answer keys, stretches (brain teasers), hands-on activities, teaching tips and printable resources for 30 lessons plus tests.

Order the grade level your student will be entering in the fall (Grade 1 Summer prepares students to enter Grade 1).

Excel Math full year edition costs only $1.00/month per student

If you plan to continue using Excel Math in the fall, order the Full Year Individual Student Set for your student (instead of summer school) and the Full Year Teacher Edition for the Answer Key. Have your child begin the lessons over the summer (completing up to 30 lessons) and then continue through the rest of the lessons and tests during the school year.

Excel Math is just $12.00 per student for an entire year of lessons and tests—only $1.00 per month for each student.

Build successful, confident students who actually enjoy doing math!

Try Excel Math and watch your students succeed. Here's what one mom told us:
"My children have been using Excel Math Standard Edition at home for the last two years to supplement the math curriculum they have at school (which isn't very effective). This year they took the Common Core Math pretest for the first time. We had been warned that our children would probably not score very well on these tests. However, my fourth grader scored 83% and my third grader (who is not a math genius) scored 98%! When people asked me if he was a math whiz, I had to tell them, "Not at all. It was the Excel Math Lesson Sheets!"
We also offer online practice for basic math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). And this link is free to our Excel Math students.

Find your grade level with our FREE Excel Math Placement Test

Not sure which grade level to purchase? Use our free Excel Math Placement Test in English and in Spanish to find the correct grade level for your student.

Visit our online store or give us a call to order. Questions? Call us toll free at 866-866-7026 Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. West Coast time. During these times a friendly person will answer the phone, never a machine!

For 40 years, Excel Math has been building student confidence and success with math. Have an Excel Math story to share? Send us your story using the Comments box below. We love hearing from parents, teachers and students around the country!

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