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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Thank You, Teachers . . .

Dr. Janice Raymond (left) with her friend
and former AnsMar employee Amy
We're sending a huge shout-out of thanks to the teachers and parents who have used Excel Math with their students over the years. 

Thanks for partnering with us to build successful math students!

Over the past 43 years, hundreds of thousands of educators and students in Kindergarten through Grade 6 have seen outstanding results with Excel Math!

Our author, Janice Raymond, Ph.D. began Excel Math with a simple idea: create something excellent and continually improve it.

Over the years, we discovered that we had created something powerful. Without bragging, Excel Math was really good!

Educators such as you made us better and, as a result, we provided you with lessons that actually worked! 

Brad with one of his four grandsons

This is the power of partnership in education—great materials in the hands of talented educators dedicated to the success of their students.

So it was with mixed feelings that last month our owner and president, Brad Baker, announced his plans to retire from Excel Math. The Excel Math product line is now retired as well.

Brad looks forward to spending more time with his grandsons. 

Orders have all been shipped. We no longer have phone service so if you have a question, please send us an email: 

All of us would like to thank those educators, parents and students around the world who have used Excel Math and have shared their success with others.

Final orders are being printed now. The Excel Math store is closed. Please mail your final payment to us:
Excel Math / AnsMar Publishers, Inc.
PO Box 85
Poway, CA 92074
Thanks for 43 wonderful years!


  1. Hi I have a fifth grade student copy. Is there anyway to get a teachers manual? I was hoping to use it for next year's homeschool.

  2. Hi Lisa, Thanks for using Excel Math with your child. At this point we are completely out of Excel Math materials, so I'm glad you at least have a student book. Since the copyright is still protected, these materials may not be duplicated. It has been a privilege to work together on such a powerful, effective product and to provide support for teachers and parents such as you. Wishing you and your family all the best!

  3. How sad to see you go!!! You have been a staple in our homeschool. I have started researching different math curriculums for next year to replace our beloved you have any recommendations that are similar to Excel?


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