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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Worthwhile work with words

The last blog was pretty heavy so I think this will be light-weight math.

Language is a very important component of math education. We need to precisely define what we are talking about so we can make comparisons and decisions. Here's an example:

Sides and corners, straight and curved. Simple? Now it gets more difficult (if you are in kindergarten):

We ask them to think about these things and let them make similar objects. They learn to distinguish between physical things (tangible, in their hands stuff) and abstract concepts (straight, curved).

We help kids learn to express what they observe, and to articulate it correctly. Techniques like repeating the questions to assure themselves that they heard it correctly. Answering with a yes or no, and why they came to that conclusion.  Giving the answer with the proper units when units are requested in the question.

Words are all in a day's work for a math student, and for a math curriculum editor.

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