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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Numbers, numbers everywhere

This blog is usually about math. Not today. Today it's going to be different. We'll think like kids - use our imaginations.

Today we pretend. Pretend we are tired of learning math. Pretend we know nothing about math or numbers and that we don't need to know. Pretend that later in life, it won't matter one bit.

We'll think short-term, as kids do:

Who cares? I don't need no stinking numbers when I grow up!

You're right. Go play. 

Who needs numbers when they grow up? 

A-OK with us. You can work in our warehouse, packing boxes. 

Right on. Don't need no math for that job. No worries. Give me some tape and I'm set.

 Wait - I don't know how much to put on this shelf.

Which bolt was that you wanted?

 What is all that stuff written on the whiteboard?

Will the forklift tip over if I lift up those pallets? I dunno ...

Are they paying me enough or am I getting cheated?

What about my overtime? Do I get more money if I work Saturday?

Say, when's that holiday about the Presidents coming along?

Guess I'll just have to stay here until the bagels get brown ... or catch fire!

I wonder if this thing still works? How far back do I stand?

 Can't figure this out either  [Don't worry, no one can figure out the microwave]

 So what's this thing for? Looks like a telephone without a handle.

I want to watch the game - can someone turn this thing on? Anyone know what channel?

Hi there. It's reality calling you.

Too bad. It's too late. Tough luck.
No Numbers, No Math - No Work, No Play.

Let's stop pretending. You know you want a math education. Call us. 

Toll Free  866 866 7026 

PS - that means that call is on us - you don't have to pay. 

Excel Math

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