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Friday, May 13, 2011

Tricky Triangles

Triangles are interesting objects.
They are a strong shape.
Hard to crush.
They are used for lots of things in the real world.
They are easy to draw.

You can draw triangles within triangles,
as shown in these animations.
They don't roll easily.
They don't fall over, if sitting on a side.

We refer to triangles a lot in our Excel Math elementary curriculum:

K = 51
1st = 87
2nd = 71
3rd = 43 Are they starting to get it? Are we tapering off?
4th = 88
5th = 93 Apparently not. We are still using triangles in math.
6th = 173 Whoa!

Maybe I need to look at 6th grade and determine the reasons for the profusion of triangles there.

PS - Hey! Wake up. If you look at these animations too long, they will drive you crazy.

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