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Monday, February 20, 2012

Counting All Presidents and Their Vices

Today we celebrate Washington's Birthday. George Washington was the first president of our United States. Not many people can name all of the presidents of the United States. And it's quite a bit more difficult to name the Vice-Presidents. A few of them actually became president. Do you recall which ones moved into that office?

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The White House
How many of the United States presidents can you name? In case you need a refresher, we've listed their names along with links to the website with more information about each of them:

18th Century

19th Century

The Washington Monument

The Washington Monument Close-Up

The Jefferson Memorial
20th Century

Lincoln Memorial

21st Century

And here, from the website are the presidents listed with their dates of office and their vice-presidents:

Vice President

If you click on a Vice President’s name who did not also serve as president you will be taken to the page for the President they served. 

Only two U.S. Presidents are buried at Arlington Cemetery. Can you name them?
Arlington Cemetery
Here are their tombstones:
John F. Kennedy's Gravestone
William Howard Taft's Tombstone

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