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Monday, October 12, 2015

Turkey Talk: Basic Math Facts Bulletin Board

Turkey Talk Bulletin Board from Excel Math
Highlight positive character traits and have your students review basic math facts with this turkey bulletin board. 

Cover your bulletin board or wall with colorful paper, fabric, foil, or textured material. Cut a harvest border in a contrasting color or buy one pre-made with a harvest or fall theme.

Download the patterns from our website. Back the Turkey Pattern with a colorful paper plate. Also print a turkey for each student. Print the Feather Patterns and write a positive character trait or study habit on each feather. 
Click to download Turkey pattern

Make some math feathers such as, "addition whiz," "multiplication genius," "subtraction superstar," etc.  

Place egg or chick patterns with numbers or problems on them around the turkey.  You can also glue pieces of fringed paper, straw, sandpaper, or hay at the bottom of the board for added texture.

Give each student a turkey pattern to cut out. (Have them cut off the feathers and give them back to you or just leave them on and add more feathers as they learn math facts.) Let the students glue their turkeys to paper plates. 

Make extra feathers so you'll have enough for each student to have several. 

Click to download Feather patterns
Watch for a student who exhibits any of these traits and award that child with a feather to glue or tape onto his turkey. 

Try to make sure each student gets one or two feathers each week during the month. Students who can recite math facts can earn multiple math feathers (one for each fact family, one for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc. 

You can make up your own feather awards as students exhibit positive character traits, help each other, or make progress in math.

Then let the students add their own feathers to their turkeys. Just the act of getting to move to the bulletin board (or wall) and attach a new feather can be an incentive for some students to earn more!

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