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Monday, September 14, 2015

Pumpkin Bulletin Boards for the Math Class

As fall approaches, here are some colorful new bulletin board sets for your math classroom!

Now that school is back in session, bulletin boards can help display information and add a touch of creativity to your classroom. 

Even if you start with a basic board or just a wall, you can easily modify it every month or two to reflect the changing seasons and holidays.

You may want to place one of the the bulletin board displays on your classroom door or in the hallway just outside your room so it will catch the children's interest as they enter.

If you don't actually have a bulletin board in your classroom, use part of a wall or the side of a filing cabinet. You can even hang decorations from your ceiling. 

Some simple fall bulletin board ideas are shown below. Check back in a month or two for more. Click on the links to download patterns for each bulletin board. Use foam or small pieces of folded cardboard to give a 3-D effect to the displays.

For a tactile board, use cotton balls for clouds, fabric for the backdrop, straw under the pumpkins to form hay bales and textured borders cut from corrugated cardboard, aluminum foil and fabric. If you're short on time, purchase pre-cut borders with seasonal patterns.

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Pumpkin Bulletin Board
Design your bulletin board as a pumpkin patch of math problems for the fall season. Print out the pumpkin patterns above. On each pumpkin write math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication,
division, percentages, fractions) or whatever concepts you're studying.

Leave some pumpkins blank. You may want to enlarge some pumpkins and tape the to the wall so they appear to sit on your floor.

Laminate the blank pumpkins so students can write their answers on the blanks and then wipe them off and start again the next day.

You can create fall leaves the same way. Cut them from construction paper, laminate them and let the students write their answers on the back.

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