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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Math Tree Seedlings

Math is a language, and the ability to use it fluently is valuable. From a parent's point of view, having great math skills should result in long-term benefits for their children. As shown here:
I wish that I could promise you that money will grow on trees if you are skilled in math. But I can't promise that. I can however promise that you will amaze and astound your friends throughout life if you are confident and fluent in math. You might impress your boss, and you'll certainly be able to manage your finances.

Excel Math is like a friend with a green thumb. We simply help to plant the math; someone else nurtures and waters the seedlings as they begin to take root.

My sister is a reading specialist with many years of experience and a PhD. She always encourages parents, aunts, uncles and cousins to read to and with children. I publish math curriculum and would also like to offer my own bit of advice:

Take some time over the holidays to talk about math with your kids. You can do this while shopping for a  Christmas tree, or while doing the dishes.

How many plates did we use; how much does this pot hold; how long a nap should we take on the couch; which football games will we watch; how many floats in the parade?

How far did they fly to come see us?  How many shopping days til Christmas? What good things can we do to help those less fortunate than we are - and how do you measure the value of good works?

Water those math seedlings that have been planted this fall!

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