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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Counting Up to 180, Part I

Yesterday I complained about subtraction from my paycheck. Today I am celebrating an addition to my Flag Count. I can now count up to 180 - and I have learned to do this while writing this blog about elementary math.

If you can't recall, counting up and down are part of the math curriculum in elementary school. In Excel Math, kids get to a hundred in Kindergarten, and way past 100 when in First Grade. Here's the first part of the Counting past 100 lesson:

It turns out that in addition to counting, you can learn an awful lot about world geography while doing a blog. During the past 2.5 years and 550 posts, at least 75,000 different people from 180 countries have stopped by for a look.

Today I'm going to give you a chance to find your own place on that list. Here are the top 10 countries, in descending order by country and state (province/region). I get these figures from a handy resource called Flag Counter:

NOTE: "51 of 51 collected" or similar numbers, means state and national flags for that country. There are 51 in the USA, counting all the states and the national flag. Wonder where the territories are? We'll take a look for them tomorrow.

This may look like the easiest post I've ever written for this blog, but it took quite awhile for me to decide on the best way to present this data. That's often the case with math - you do the calculations quite quickly, but then have to determine which data is essential, which can be edited or streamlined, and which might work against you and ought to be omitted. 

We'll have lots more visitor information tomorrow, including those US territories I mentioned earlier.