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Monday, July 16, 2012

Common Core Math Resources

Common Core is a phrase hitting the web, the nation, and local school districts in a big way. If your state is not moving to Common Core, you may be interested in the debate surrounding its implementation and impact below. Then jump to our links and math correlations at the bottom of this post. Our Texas friends can visit our Texas Connection for more information on the TEKS and tools to prepare students for STAAR testing.

We've been sifting through lots of resources, blog posts, videos and articles on moving to the Common Core and we thought we'd share some of our favorites. Here's an interactive map showing which states have adopted the CCS, with links to each state's board of education for more information on how they're implementing the Common Core. NCTM has prepared an overview PowerPoint presentation and other presentations for Pre-K–Grade 3, grades 4–5, grades 6–8, and high school to inform math teachers about these new standards and to support them in implementation of the Common Core.

Excel Math is fully correlated to Common Core (CCS) and State Standards. One of the great benefits of Excel Math is that it is continually enhanced. We print Excel Math throughout the year so you will always have the latest lesson sheets, unlike textbooks, which are static until you buy a new book.

However, Excel Math gives your students even more. With Excel Math, students learn higher-order thinking skills beyond what is required of CCS or state standards. Our correlations allow you to focus on the standards or go even further, with additional concepts we provide. View and download Excel Math CCS Correlations.

If you want to see the Common Core standards or have questions about the Common Core, these first websites are the place to begin. Those of  you already familiar with the standards may be interested in learning more about the debate, discovering how to implement the Common Core, and finding websites with CCS resources. If your school is moving to the Common Core, take a look at the links we've pulled together to help you out.

CCS website information from the source:
Common Core State Standards Initiative
FAQ about the Common Core
Math Common Core Standards
Key Points in Mathematics Standards

Explaining the Common Core:
Common Core: Six Fundamental Shifts « Critical Thinking « Critical Thinking Works
Making the connection: Common Core and National Educational Technology standards
TheHuntInstitute – YouTube
New Guide on Development of Assessments for the Common Core State Standards
Understanding the Common Core Standards from
You’ve Got To Read This from

Debating the Common Core and its impact:
Education Week: Advocates Worry Implementation Could Derail Common Core
Moving at the Speed of Creativity – Common Core Implementation Guidelines for Leaders: The Good & The Bad
73 percent of teachers think they are prepared to teach the Common Core, and other facts that should keep CCSS supporters up at night
Should All U.S. Students Meet a Single Set of National Proficiency Standards?
The Common Core: The Technocrats Re-engineer Learning

Articles and blog posts on the Common Core:
Assessment and the Common Core State Standards: Let's Stay on Top of It!

Excel Math correlations with State Standards


New Mexico
North Carolina


Excel Math Correlations for schools that haven't yet moved to the Common Core:
TEKS Aligned —STAAR Ready

Excel Math is fully correlated to Common Core (CCS) and State Standards. Within each grade level, we correlate the Excel Math Lessons, Stretches, Activities and Exercises to each standard. At the bottom of each CCS correlation, we list additional concepts covered by Excel Math.

Visit our Excel Math CCS and State Standards page to find the group of standards you want to see; then click on the grade level button to see the correlation between that set of educational standards and Excel Math. These are printable PDF files that you can download and email to your colleagues.

TEKS aligned STAAR ready
Excel Math is also aligned to TEKS: Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. Visit our Texas Connection to see the features and benefits of Excel Math and the ways our lessons support the revised TEKS to be implemented in 2014. We are pleased, but not surprised, at how well our Excel Math materials correlate to TEKS requirements. Excel Math is an excellent tool for transitioning to the upcoming STAAR testing. Current test results will remain strong for students using Excel Math. At the same time, Excel Math will provide students with powerful support, in-depth practice, and frequent assessment for the move to STAAR.

Excel Math includes weekly and quarterly assessment along with a proven spiraling process and spaced repetition of concepts to prepare students for testing. Read more about student testing with Excel Math. With Excel Math, students learn higher-order thinking skills beyond state and Common Core requirements. You can use these additional concepts to provide accelerated learning for your students who are ready for more. Excel Math provides increased rigor and a proven way to increase student engagement with math—all while giving students a solid foundation of math skills. Read more and take a quick tour of Excel Math here. If you know of additional CCS websites and resources we should include in future posts, please leave us a comment with the information (click on the word comment below).

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