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Monday, July 9, 2012

Top 10 Reasons Your Students Will Love Excel Math

Your Students Will Thank You for Using Excel Math

1. Excel Math lessons go deeper. 
Our lessons present concepts in a more complete and complex manner so students learn higher-order thinking skills. See a lesson sample.

2. Your lessons will have increased rigor. 
With the Excel Math True Spiraling of concepts, lessons move smoothly from one to the next, gradually building on existing layers. With this approach, students see that math concepts are related and progressive.

3. Students have a built-in feedback loop. 
Our CheckAnswer system lets students correct their own work. Feedback is immediate. Students demonstrate understanding and mastery of math concepts as they build proficiency.

4. There's no busy work. 
Student Lesson Sheets eliminate the need for students to copy problems out of a book, but they give space for students to show their work. Once students have mastered a concept, you can choose to let them skip those problems in their Guided Practice.

5. Your lessons will combine math with literacy. 
Create A Problem exercises on the back of test pages along with word problems and stretches combine math with literacy and help students develop higher-order thinking skills.

6. You’ll interact more with your students. 
Guided practice after the daily lesson lets teachers help students individually while other students work independently. Activities and manipulatives in the Teacher’s Edition provide hands-on learning, challenge based learning, and problem based learning opportunities.

7. You can use technology in your math classroom.
Projectable Lessons provide slides for 155 lessons on CD so you and your students can focus together on the concepts for the day using a white board, overhead document projector, interactive white board, or simply a wall or screen.

8. You’ll have built-in tools for assessment. 
Homework is included on 4 out of 5 lessons and you get weekly quizzes, quarterly tests, and end-of-year tests. Your Teacher’s Edition shows when tested concepts were initially taught so you can see at a glance where your students need more help and where they’ve achieved mastery.

9. Your test scores will go up. 
Schools across the country report consistently improved test scores when they use Excel Math. Our unique Spiraling Process (see illustration below) and regular assessment ensures concepts are mastered and retained for the long term. (See Anne Evan's testimony below.)

10. You’ll save money! 
Excel Math Student Classroom Sets cost just $11.00 per student (Individual Padded Student Sets are only $19.00 each). Excel Math is a proven approach to teaching elementary math! Learn more.

Excel Math's Unique Spiraling Strategy
Click here to see the full chart.

Here's what teachers are saying about Excel Math:

"I have used Excel Math for four of the five years that I have taught. Two of these years were in the Clark County School District about ten years ago, where I taught a 4th/5th grade combination class with over 30 students each year. Excel Math allowed me to effectively teach math at two grade levels...without it I don't know how I would have hit all standards and provided the review and practice the students required to succeed. I recently had the opportunity to visit with twin sisters who were in my class during this time, and their mother shared with me that "those long math sheets" really prepared her girls for math throughout the rest of their schooling. Both girls are in college now, are strong math students, and both reported that they started liking math when they were in my class!

Since returning to teaching, I have taught 3rd and 5th grade in the Meridian School District in Idaho. I chose Excel Math again because I had experience with it and knew how well it covered the curriculum, introduced new concepts, and provided spiral review. While teaching 3rd grade, 22 out of my 23 students received a score of "advanced" on the ISAT, and ALL students demonstrated significant growth on their MAP math scores. I had similar results with my 5th graders, with all students showing impressive growth. Furthermore, and more important in my eyes, my students report LIKING math and liking learning through Excel Math.

Excel Math allows the teacher to put their own flavor and flare into each lesson or concept. I love Excel has helped me become a stronger math teacher, and I KNOW it has increased my students' confidence in math (and their test scores!)."

— Anne Evans, Teacher in Idaho

Excel Math is extremely teacher friendly and is fully correlated to Common Core (CCS) and State Standards. Read more from teachers here. We love teachers and we love serving you! Any time you call, we’re happy to hear from you. We’re willing to do whatever we can to make your experience with Excel Math a pleasure. Visit our Excel Math website at for lots of math resources.

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