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Monday, April 8, 2013

Create Your Own Math Certificates & Awards

Excel Math Achievement Award
This is the time of year when students may need some extra motivation. Now that spring break is over, and summer feels like it's a long way off, give your students an incentive to keep up the hard work. We created this Math Achievement award to start your creative juices flowing. Click here to download it from our website. It's our gift to you for all you do for your students. Watch for more certificates on our website:

Excel Math Star Student Award
You may want to set up a chart in your room so students can keep track of their Basic Fact Practice or math skills. After completing the chapter or ten pages of Basic Math Facts with 95% correct (or whatever skills your class is working on for bell work or during "preferred activity time"), add a checkmark to the chart.

When a student has received 20 checkmarks (or whatever number you decide), award him or her with an Achievement Certificate and post his name on your bulletin board under the heading "Grand Master Level 1 Math Students." Create a Level 2 certificate for students who move ahead quickly. Simply type to fill the blank spaces. When you're done, print the certificate for your student. Just change the student's name as you print each award.

With Excel Math, many students begin to develop a love for math. Encourage their new enthusiasm with colorful incentive certificates and awards that mark their progress. We've checked out a few websites for you.

Activity Village Certificate
You may also want to recognize students who show a certain character trait such as kindness, happiness, etc. The printable certificates from Activity Village also include star student, best mom (dad, teacher), sports certificates, blank ones so you can add your own wording. They are not customizable online, but you can print them in color or black and white before adding your information (leaving the student names blank so you can fill them in individually).

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