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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Higher Order Math Word Problems

New standards ask students to solve higher order word problems and begin to explain their thinking as they look for the answers.

Here's a word problem from one of our Excel Math lessons to help students calculate the cost of a day of roller skating.

Feel free to share it with your students. The answers are shown in red.

Excel Math lessons provide lots of opportunities for students to solve word problems and even write their own!

Excel Math features indepth word problems called Create A Problem.

The Create A Problem pages in Excel Math give students a chance to merge math with literacy as they create their own story problems and solve them. Here's an example of a Create A Problem exercise for Grade 2.

This feature lets students express their own understanding of a story problem, explore various problem-solving techniques, finish longer story problems, and eventually write their own problems.

Create A Problem exercises are included on the back of the test pages for Grades 2 - 6.

The right-hand side of the page will usually provide activities for the students to complete and problems for them to solve from the story.

We start with simple stories and give students a chance to observe what is happening in the story.

They then use those observations to solve problems.

Later in the curriculum we ask students to create a problem or two, and make up their own CheckAnswer.

The stories become more involved as the students progress through the year. These exercises provide a great way for students to begin to verbalize the problem-solving strategies they use and to hear how their classmates solve the same problem.

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