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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fun with Fractions

In Excel Math we teach students how to use fractions, percentages and decimal numbers. Let's see how it's done (there are many ways).

First, what is a fraction?

The word fraction is used to describe one or more equal parts of a group. When we cut a pie or pizza or anything into equal parts, we create fractions of the whole.

The numerator is the top number (above the line).
It tells how many parts of the equal whole you are describing:

The denominator is the bottom number (below the line).
It tells into how many parts the whole has been cut or divided:
The fraction one-fourth can be notated as a colored box:

or as various shapes.

Since 1 of the 4 parts is shaded (in both examples), the numerator is 1. There are four total parts so the denominator is 4.

Download a free fraction practice worksheet for your students.

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