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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Spring Bulletin Boards for the Math Class

If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring? Perhaps colorful new bulletin board sets for your math classroom!

For a clever raindrop bulletin board, cut raindrop shapes from paper or cardboard. Print math facts on the drops and hang them from the ceiling in front of your bulletin board.

Staple an old umbrella half to the bulletin board. Hang additional math fact raindrops from the umbrella. Letter each raindrop and let your students write down the answers during your bell work or when they finish assignments early. Prepare an answer sheet so your students can exchange papers and check their work as they finish. Let your students cut additional raindrops and add their own problems to them so you have an ongoing supply of new math problems to add to the bulletin board each week. Younger students may simply count the number of various colored raindrops hanging from the board.

Download this cute cat with umbrella pattern to include on your bulletin board or as a welcome sign for the door to your classroom (just add the word "Welcome" to the blank space on the poster). Then enlarge this colorful rainbow to add across one of the walls of your room. Or cut two rainbows, glue them together, and hang the finished rainbow from your ceiling. Then teach your students the rainbow song to help them remember the order that colors appear in rainbows. 

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