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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Falling for Math: Ten Frame Activities

Jumping in a pile of leaves is a fun way to spend a fall afternoon. Your students may not be jumping for joy about math lessons, but here a few ways to bring the excitement of fall into the math classroom.

Use these Excel Math Ten Frame Pumpkin cards to help your students identify and add numbers and begin to understand base ten. Or use them as flashcards. Print a set for each pair of students. Hold up a card and have students tell you the number of white or orange pumpkins. Then have them write the numbers. 

Remind them to write neatly. Place several cards on your whiteboard pen tray or tape them to a wall and let students put them in order from least to greatest white pumpkins. (Use removable tape.) Do the same with students holding the cards while another student arranges the classmates in order. Have the students mix up, and let another student put them in order. 

Mix the cards again. 

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