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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Searching for Excellent Common Core Math Lessons

As the new year begins, parents and teachers are looking for a powerful math curriculum that will teach to the new standards: Common Core, TEKS, or . . . (name your state). 
Savvy educators across the country (and around the world) recognize that Excel Math lessons can deliver amazing results.

The Spiraling process built into Excel Math lessons helps students retain math concepts for the long term. For this reason, students who use Excel Math often score better on state tests than other students.

Excel Math's unique CheckAnswer system lets students self-assess and move ahead at their own pace. Students discover they not only can do math, they also enjoy it! Excel Math lessons build student confidence and success in math— including success on assessments.

The Excel Math Common Core Edition teaches to the Common Core State Standards, and the new Excel Math Texas Edition teaches to the new TEKS. Teachers in other states can use the Excel Math Standard Edition. Excel Math has a proven track record of success.

As a result, Excel Math students are testing off the charts in mathematics.
Here's what one mom wrote to tell us:
"My daughter struggled with grasping math concepts until she started with Excel Math in her new school.
It just "clicked" with her and she now maintains a 99% average overall in math! Before using Excel Math, she wouldn't have cared whether she had her homework done or not.
Now she completes her math homework first because the instant feedback of the 'CheckAnswers' allows her to locate and fix any mistakes on her own. She no longer has to wait for the teacher to grade her work to find out if she 'gets it'. Excel Math offers her a level of control that is often missing in other math curricula."
— a grateful mom in Belleville, Pennsylvania

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Questions about how Excel Math lessons work? Try our free math placement test for Grades 1-6. Leave a comment below with your email address and we'll send it to you or follow this link: Excel Math Placement Test.

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