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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Visit Excel Math at the 2015 Title I Conference

Title I celebrates 50 years in 2015!

This year the National Title I Conference will be held at the  Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, and Excel Math will be there!

The convention runs from February 5 - 8 in the beautiful state of Utah. The conference theme is Leading with Wonder.

Inspiration for the 2015 National Title I Conference theme comes from President Johnson’s comments at the signing of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, creating Title I:

“Remember the magic time when the world of learning began to open before our eyes.” 

The silhouette is a bit dark, but all of those thought bubbles in the conference logo on the right are spilling from the head of a person, shown on the bottom left.

Bob and Brad will be representing Excel Math at the Title I Conference. Be sure to stop by Excel Math booth #537 to say hello and pick up some chocolate.

Or, if you've started a New Year's resolution to avoid sweets, we'll be glad to send you our Excel Math Placement Test for Grades 1 - 6 at no charge (for FREE). Just add your email address to our sign-up list at the show.

Excel Math is proven as a core or as a supplement. (And we offer affordable Professional Development with insider tips for using Excel Math.)

The Excel Math lessons are effective in a traditional classroom, for GATE students, for intervention and remediation, for individualized instruction, and even as a tutoring program.

This flexibility combines with a unique spiraling strategy and our CheckAnswer tool for self-assessment to build student confidence and success in math.                                             
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