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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Excel Math has moved from Enstore

Visit Excel Math at our new web store location:

The Excel Math online store is no longer hosted by Enstore. We've moved from and we're now hosted by Shopify.

You can order Excel Math materials, read our latest blog posts and teacher tips, check prices for Excel Math products, sign up for special offers, and take a look at samples of our lessons on our new store website:
Excel Math Grade 6 Teacher Edition

Excel Math now offers three Teacher versions:
Common Core
Texas (TEKS aligned—STAAR Ready)
Standard Edition (Non Common Core)

Click on the title of your choice to go to that section of our Shopify web store. You'll find the same high quality customer service you've come to expect from our Enstore website, but with new and improved features.

For example, if you need to leave your cart without checking out, we'll save it for you. Simply log back in (or give us a call) and we'll send you your filled cart so you don't have to remember what you were ordering.

Ready to place an order or just check out our new website? Visit our new Excel Math web store.

Our physical building (pictured at left) has not changed. We've only moved our web store. Saying goodbye to Enstore after five years is not easy.

However, we have made some improvements to our new web store to make your shopping experience easier than ever.

Excellent customer service is our goal. We love hearing from parents, teachers and administrators from around the country, and welcome any suggestions or feedback you may have.

Feel free to leave a comment in the "Comment" box below if you have questions. Include your phone number if you would like us to give you a call.

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