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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Getting creative in your classroom this St. Patrick's Day!

Here at Excel Math we love to offer you fun math ideas that celebrate different holidays. 
One fun way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day is to download our Base Ten Shamrock Cards

Base ten cards are extremely useful in helping students identify and add or subtract numbers. Cut out the shamrocks and let students figure out how many more are needed to make 10 on each card.
Or enlarge the shamrocks and have your students cut them out and use them to create math flashcards.

You can even have your students create story problems that go with each card: Patty had 8 shamrocks, he gave 3 shamrocks to his little brother. How many shamrocks does Patty have now?

At Excel Math, we use real-world word problems, helping the students make connections with math in their own lives. 

On the right is an example of an expanded word problem (called Create A Problem) included in our 2nd - 6th Grade math sheets. Click on the image for a larger view.

Some Excel Math lesson sheets are designed for the students to CREATE and SOLVE their own word problems. 

When students are able to imagine their own math stories, they are gaining a better understanding of how literacy and math go hand in hand. 

You may want to bring in cupcakes or muffins with green sprinkles and ask your students to create math story problems about sharing the food among several students. 

Let the students act out the story problem to check their answers. Then divide the treats among the class.

One last classroom idea: download our adorable St. Patrick's Day (at right) or "Math Madness" bulletin board. You can have your class work together to solve the equations and then add them to your bulletin board display to showcase your students' wonderful work!

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