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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How do WE use math?

School is out for the summer, and we are thinking about vacations, going to the beach, doing home improvement jobs, etc. So let's forget about exotic problems and complex calculations.

I thought I would do a little survey, and list some of the ways some of us use math around Excel Math. Here we go:

1. My job is math. I count the money. (Jim's our accountant)
2. When I go to the store and shop I need to compare prices
3. When I watch TV I have to know which buttons and channels to select on which remote
4. When I make a phone call I have to know the numbers and press them in the right order
5. When I cook I need to measure the ingredients and set the temperature on the stove

1. When budgeting how I can spend my paycheck
2. In my college classes
3. Shoe shopping!
4. Planning how much time I have in my daily schedule
5. Ordering food for lunch

1. To figure out my gas mileage
2. On my five-mile run, to look at my 1-mile split times and figure out my pace
3. To determine the pallets weights for shipping products to customers
4. Comparing prices of different shipping companies
5. Determine how many hours people need to work to ship out the orders

1. To calculate travel times (distance, speed, etc) so I can arrive on time for appointments
2. To determine if there will be enough money in all the right accounts on the right days to pay the bills
3. When drumming I have to count enough beats per measure to make good music
4. Measuring wood when making things so the pieces all fit together
5. Using the weather forecast to adjust windows, doors, fans and heaters so the office is comfortable

1. Checking that customer credit card charges are valid or fraudulent
2. Deciding how many steaks I need to buy to feed my family and friends tonight
3. Keeping track of all the songs that our band has played in the past 12 years
4. Managing the calendar for all employee holidays, sick days, vacations and family leaves
5. Counting all my musical instruments

1. Buying a car
2. Figuring change at the store
3. Telling how much time it takes to get somewhere
4. Measuring boards to make the back deck on the house
5. Counting sit-ups and push-ups when doing exercises

1. Doing this math blog every day
2. Trying to determine the cost of something I am buying from Europe in euros
3. Auditing my mother's prescription bills from the pharmacy
4. Trying to figure out how they put 1500 new features into my iPhone with the latest software
5. Deciding what to do with the 404 messages in my email in-box

1. Determine how much to cut down those cabinets from IKEA to EXACTLY fit my room!
2. Whether it's cheaper to buy pre-wrapped packages of tomatoes or buy them loose by the pound.
3. To figure out if bulk food is cheaper per item than smaller packages (they rarely are!)
4. To swap between metric and imperial measurement in a country where both are used
5. To figure out which gear ratios I need on my multi-speed bicycles