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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Classroom Management Tips

As someone who has had to learn how to manage a classroom of kids myself, I understand how difficult it can be at times. Since I'm always looking for new suggestions to try, I thought it would be fun for teachers around the country to share their own classroom management ideas.

Excel Math makes it easy for elementary math teachers to keep students focused on the lesson. The combination of the daily lesson, Guided Practice, Homework, our unique Checkanswer system, and directed repetition combine to keep kids engaged in learning and reviewing each concept. Manipulatives and Projectable Lessons provide ways for the students to interact with the teacher and with each other to develop problem-solving skills.

Even so, it helps to have a teacher who is prepared and who communicates expectations to the class—not just at the beginning of the year, but before moving on to the next activity. It's hard to keep a group of kids motivated if the classroom rules are unclear or inconsistent. Classroom management isn't usually one of the required courses for getting your teaching credential. As a result, the new teacher can feel lost and alone in the middle of a school of hungry piranhas during that first year of teaching.

Preparation can be an important key to classroom management. When the lesson materials are ready to go and the teacher can keep things moving throughout the day and from one activity to the next, behavior problems are much less likely to take over. But it also helps to have a defined plan for classroom management along with expectations that are clearly communicated to the students before a new activity begins.

We asked some of our teacher friends to send ideas that have worked for them. The emails are still rolling in, so we'll share more classroom management tips over the next few weeks. Here are a few suggestions to get the discussion started.
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