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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Using Number Lines to Add and Subtract

This is a number line:

It shows the number 243,616. We can show the value of numbers and even compare numbers using a number line. Did you know you can also show addition on a number line? Here's an example:

You can even show subtraction on a number line. Here's an excerpt from Excel Math First Grade Lesson 79:
Excel Math First Grade Student Sheet Lesson 79

We can also help students learn to write an addition number sentence when we give them the number line:

Show your students these examples. Answer any questions they might have. Next, have them try writing a number sentence to match this number line:
Finally, let them answer the problem. Have a child point to the answer on the number line while you call on a child to answer aloud:

Here are some more examples you can use with your class to help them become familiar with using number lines. This math worksheet is from Excel Math First Grade Lesson 92:
Excel Math First Grade Lesson 92 Student Worksheet
Click here to download a PDF file of this worksheet
Since Excel Math uses a unique spiraling strategy, you will need to teach multiple lessons sequentially within each grade level in order to get the concepts into your students' long-term memory. 

Visit our web store to order these Student Lesson Sheets (155 lesson sheets plus tests) and a Teacher Edition set of 155 Lessons with brainteasers, teaching suggestions, the answer key, and reproducible manipulatives for each grade  level. Excel Math is available for Kindergarten through Grade 6. Here's what one teacher had to say about how well it works in the classroom:
“I cannot express how impressed I am with your program. Our STAR results are outstanding and I am convinced without EXCEL we would be struggling to meet our goals. The spiraling piece that is built in…is what makes this so effective. If I ever move schools and my district does not provide this program, I would purchase it with my own money. Thank you for a wonderful program.” — Elementary Teacher, San Juan, California
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  1. I have benefited from using number lines with teaching Integer addition and subtraction. It is a strategy that my 7th and 8th grade students keep coming back to use.
    I enjoy the practical, hands-on math strategies suggestions on Excel Math. Practice using flash cards is a nice way to have students warm up and use this strategy. I also use a math blog to give students applications of math to real life. Here's the url to the flash cards site on my math blog.
    Thanks again for the informative post and practical suggestions! Erik


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