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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Using Technology in the Math Classroom

This weekend, educators from around the world will begin to gather in San Diego for the 33rd annual conference of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) This conference was formerly called the National Educational Computing Conference(NECC), and is held each year to "discover how educators from around the world are using innovative technologies to help students expand their horizons." You can visit the conference website here:

They've set up a blog roll so you can see what colleagues are writing, a virtual conference for those who can't make it to  San Diego, and even a social Ning to help you make connections with other educators. Even if you don't belong to ISTE, there are lots of ways to connect with educators and find out what's working in classrooms around the country.

The educational networking site, Edmodo, is similar to Facebook, but for educators to provide a way to connect with students and parents as well as with each other. You can find Excel Math (and AnsMar Publishers, Inc.) at Be sure to visit our collections and download some free resources for your Edmodo library. You can join communities for math, common core, special ed, technology, and lots more. Plus, you can connect with teachers from your own school, post lessons for your students to access, or avoid your coworkers completely and simply use it as a classroom tool and a resource for new ideas from other educators.

This summer ASCD (formerly the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) is offering some free Boot Camp webinarsand the one on July 24 happens to be on technology. Virtual Summer Camp: The Newest Tools on the Web to Explore for Instruction, presented by Mike Fisher.  "Educators looking for new web tools to engage their students should attend this presentation. During his webinar, Fisher will explore some of the exciting web tools of the moment and explain how educators can use them for instruction. In addition, he will discuss specific tasks and appropriate tool choices, as well as share helpful examples that have been implemented in real classrooms."

For videos and tutorials your students can access for the classroom, for tutoring, and at home, the Khan Academy has some easy-to-use videos for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, algebra, and pre-algebra. If you're considering flipping your math lessons, this would be a good resource. If you teach Grades 5 and 6, you may want to bookmark the video resource page from Excel Math with classroom videos using Projectable Lessons. (Read more about Projectable Lessons here.)

If you're looking for ways to incorporate technology in your math classroom, here are some helpful links:
. . . and some additional online math resources:

Adding Decimals
Alien Addition
Build a bug math game
Count us in—variety of math practice
Excel Math Downloads
Game-oriented math learning
Math Lesson Slides Grades 2-6
Internet links for 2nd grade—a bunch for math
Links by math topic—speed math
Links, by math topic—some for speed math
Math Basics
Math Basics Plus
Math Concepts
Math Concepts—games
Math Dictionary
Math edutainment
Math for K
Math Games
Math Glossary
Math Grids II
Math Grids—Car Game
Math links by skills
Math Quizzes & Flashcards
Math Playground
Math Practice Test
Math skills links
Math Video Tutorials
Math Video Tutorials Gr. 5 & 6
Math Videos
Math/LA Videos
Math Playground
Measuring Angles
Mental Math Drills
Minute Math
More Quick Math
Multiflier Math Practice
Multiplication Tables
Multiplication Tables & Flashcards
NumberNut Math Games
Place the Penguin Game (Ones, tens, hundreds)
Quick Math
Quick Quiz
Speed Math
That Quiz
Test Your Math
Timed Math
Timed Tests
Virtual Manipulatives
Wild on Math

. . . and some blogs with more links:

Andrew Miller's Blog
Ask a Tech Teacher Blog
Flipped Math Lessons: Pro or Con?
iPad Integration in the Classroom
Let's Play Math
Math in the Middle Blog
Middle School Math & Science Blog (also covers Elementary)
MissCalcul8 Blog
The Number Warrior
Teaching Ahead of the Curve Blog

. . . plus some online links to Common Core math standards:

We've just touched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to online resources for math classrooms. If you have additional resources or web links you'd like us to consider adding to this list, just leave a comment and we'll check them out (we do review them for their educational value). Watch for a future post with suggested apps, blogs, and more websites. In the meantime, grab your computer (or e-device) and start your summer with some math web surfing.

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