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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Printable Math Certificates and Awards

Here are some websites where you can create your own free certificates, puzzles, flashcards and awards for your students. You can personalize the awards and certificates and print them individually (my husband likes to do this for his end-of-year awards) or simply design a template, print it out, copy it onto colored paper, and fill in the student information after you've printed it.

At Excel Math, we provide teachers with the tools they need to help students become successful at mathematics while building confidence and higher-order thinking skills. Visit our teacher resource page at

Lakeshore Learning has 24 colorful free certificate and award templates you can customize before you print out (with student's name, your personal message, teacher's name, and date). Awards include "Math Whiz," "Happy Birthday," "Star of the Week," "Excellent Effort" and "Great Progress." They also have printable math flash cards, clip art, coloring pages and a word search maker (you can use your own math words or glossary terms to create the search).

Customizable Award
DyeTub has 17 customizable and colorful certificates and awards for education use. You can add your own title to many of them to create specifically math awards. (You still have to sign each award, and you cannot remove the left signature line, even if you remove the name and title underneath it.)

Free Printable Certificates has lots of colorful certificates for teachers, with some specific math titles such as "Mathlete," "Algebra II," "Pre-Calculus," and "Robotics." These certificates are available in a free version (a PDF file that you can print) and a paid version that you can save in Microsoft Word and customize before printing.

Math Certificate from
123 Certificates has free printable certificates and awards you can customize (with  student's name, a subtitle, your personal message, teacher's name, school name and date). There are 11 certificates just for math and lots more for general education, some with areas to add your student's photo or a piece of artwork created by the student.

Carson Dellosa has lots of color and black and white certificates and awards you can print out after signing up for their email list. You can print one "Star Student" page and several activities without signing up. These are not customizable online but they are ready-to-print PDF files.

Certificate Street has a large variety of education certificates, but the certificates print with their watermark on the free version. Certificates include "Math Achievement Award," "Good Attitude Certificate" "Outstanding Leadership," "Bright Idea Award," "Most Responsible Student" and tons more. The certificates are not quite as cute and colorful as some of the ones at Lakeshore, but there are lots to choose from including many options for creating your own award titles.

Excel Math Quarterly Test 1
Certificate of Completion
TeacherVision has a list of certificates by topic such as "Behavior Awards," "Performance Certificates," "Rewards," "Badges" and "Customizable Certificates." You can view and print five free items but there is a flat fee to see more.

We've created a couple of customizable Excel Math certificates you can download and print out for your students. Just click on the blank lines where you want to add text (and under the signature line to type your name). Or print the certificate as it is and write in all the information by hand.

You can also print one certificate, write in all the information except the student's name, sign the certificate, and use a color copier to copy the certificate for each student. Now write the student's name on each certificate. Download the Quarterly Test 1 Certificate here. Download the Quarterly Test Certificate (for use after any quarterly test) here. Visit our Excel Math website for more resources.
Excel Math Quarterly Test
Certificate of Completion

TIP: When you have the option, use a cursive or italic script to sign your name before you print the first certificate so you don't have to sign each certificate.

Hold a special recognition ceremony after the quarterly test for those students who did well or as an encouragement for everyone who completed the test.

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