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Monday, November 5, 2012

Targeted Professional Development for Math Educators

Professional Development, inservice training, PD, staff development, professional learning network (PLN), teacher training—there are as many names for professional development as there are ways to present them. At Excel Math, we focus on both the profession of teaching and "the professional" (the teacher) when creating professional development seminars. Here are just a few of the benefits you receive from an Excel Math P.D. seminar:

1. Professional
At Excel Math, we recognize teachers as professionals. We know your time is valuable. Instead of useless rhetoric or theory, we focus on proven strategies, practical suggestions and best practices for teaching math to elementary students of varying interests and abilities. We guide you step by step through each component of Excel Math: Lesson of the Day, Guided Practice, Homework and regular Assessments, sharing solutions that have worked for other teachers around the country. These strategies can be utilized for any subject being taught in the classroom.

2. Collaborative 
We publish math lessons that really work in the classroom. But it's you the teacher who actually presents those lessons to students. We are simply your support and supply team—getting you the materials you need when you need them—and continually updating and improving the lessons. Excel Math Professional Development seminars give teachers a chance to share strategies that have helped their students succeed at math. Our goal at AnsMar Publishers is to support you and provide top-notch math resources to make you the most effective teacher you can be. We always welcome suggestions and feedback from educators. After all, that's what has made our lessons work in the classroom for over 30 years!

3. Cost Effective
Excel Math curriculum not only gives you a huge bang for your buck (as low as $11.00 per student for an entire year of math lessons), our Professional Development seminars are the most affordable around. The fee for P.D. is minimal—only to cover travel costs from California (so you are not paying for the P.D., just for the travel). It's a good idea to schedule your sessions several months in advance, since openings fill up quickly. Generally, each session is a little under two hours in length.

Excel Math professional development sessions are intended for administrators and teachers who want to learn more about using Excel Math and discover best practices for implementing elementary math lessons in the classroom. Read what educators are saying about these seminars and Excel Math.

Choose between two Excel Math Professional Development seminars: one for users new to Excel Math (Initial P.D.) and the other (Next Step P.D.) for schools that have used Excel Math for a period of time. Learn more here.

Contact Bob Parrish via email ( or by phone (1-866-866-7026) for more information and to schedule your seminar(s). Watch Bob in action here:

1. Staff Development [8:05 min]
Introduction to Excel Math 

Available for No Charge — Watch the Excel Math Overview DVD to prepare for your P.D. session. Our DVD contains an overview of Excel Math plus training and instructional strategies. The DVD is available as a part of our free Sample Packet and is also available separately at no charge. Email us for a DVD or Sample Packet, and we'll send them to you immediately.

If you've attended an Excel Math P.D. seminar in the past, let us know what you thought. Leave a comment in the box below. We love hearing your feedback and suggestions!

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